Meet Mariquita & Beth

Mariquita and Beth have a combined 40 years of experience in the skincare industry. As single moms to four boys and three girls, respectively, they’re well-versed in building independent and sustainable healthy lifestyles. Just ask anyone who visits Skin Deep: many of Mariquita and Beth’s clients are devoted followers for over 15 years.



"We want our clients to be able to obtain healthy and beautiful skin for a lifetime."



“We love our clients and love what we do. It’s a gift that our clients trust us and let us into their lives.”



Jenna - Esthetician & Makeup Artist

Hometown: Boonton Township, New Jersey

On Jenna's Days Off: You can find her spending time with her husband (They’re newlyweds!) and enjoying as much time as possible with family and friends.

It's not just our job. it's our passion. We call it an obsession for transformation


Our Tips for Healthy Skin

  • Reduce Stress! It affects the WHOLE person. Find ways to cope, your skin will thank you!

  • Be thoughtful about your life. You deserve to be happy and it will show!

  • Start with the basics! Have a good morning and evening face cleansing routine.

  • Try to eat clean and exercise. Taking care of yourself makes you a better partner, friend, parent. Who you are affects your skin.


Our Inspiration

Mariquita & Beth:

“Our kids! They are the best people and we want to make them proud."


"I love going to a job where I get to see my best friend. That’s what makes me excited to get out of bed!”


“Beth and I took a risk together and it’s been better and more rewarding than we ever could have anticipated.”



Our Sisterhood

Mariquita on Beth:

“We are like soul sisters. Beth has been there for me through thick and thin. We’ve helped each other grow as people. She is so precious to me.”

Beth on Mariquita:

“Mariquita is my angel. She’s believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. My life wouldn’t work without her.”